We bring an external perspective to the business with a different dynamic. This fresh viewpoint can offer new insights, challenge existing assumptions, and provide alternative approaches to problem-solving. By considering different perspectives, companies can gain a broader understanding of their challenges and opportunities, enabling them to make more informed decisions and drive innovation.


Acting as a support system for companies involves providing guidance, acceleration, and perspective to teams on a recurring yet sporadic basis. This support system aims to assist businesses in addressing challenges, optimizing performance, and achieving their goals.


We offer guidance to companies and their teams. We provide with expert advice, we share industry best practices, and we offer strategic insights. We cover various areas such as business development, operations, marketing, finance, human resources, and technology. Our support system helps businesses navigate complex decisions, identify opportunities, and make informed choices.


We actively engage with companies by taking actionable steps to drive progress and improvement. This may involve implementing specific initiatives, executing strategic plans, or assisting in project management. The support system works collaboratively with the business teams to identify areas for improvement, set goals, and execute action plans to achieve desired outcomes.


We come in to accelerate business growth and performance. It helps identify bottlenecks and come up with solutions, streamline processes, and implement strategies to enhance productivity and efficiency. By leveraging the expertise and experience of the teams, we assist companies in overcoming obstacles, identifying growth opportunities, and achieving results at an accelerated pace.


With us as a support system, companies can leverage external expertise and resources to supplement their internal capabilities. This support can empower teams, drive innovation, enhance decision-making, and ultimately contribute to the overall success and growth of the business.

Providing the company with a differnt pace and dynamic, we aim to build a strong partnership with businesses, fostering open communication, trust, and collaboration. Tailored in guidance, actions, acceleration, and perspective to meet the specific needs of each business, our support recognizes that every organization is unique and has its own particular challenges and goals.


Our support system operates on a recurring basis, offering ongoing support over a potentially extended period. However, our intervention is sporadic, which means that it is not continuous but rather provided according to the needs or on specific occasions. This flexible approach allows companies to access support when they require it the most, aligning with their unique needs and circumstances.

Our subscription do not require any commitment on duration. We work together with the company until we are no longer needed. And then we stop. Of course, we can always come back should the situation of the company demand it.

1 field mission per quarter

+ online support and follow up

1 field mission per semester 

+ online support and follow up

1 field mission per year

+ online support and follow up

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