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Steady Goose



Change management support

Change only happens in a company when the leadership and top management show the way. In other words, if the boss doesn't own up to it, no one will.

The words "change" and "steady" could be seen as antinomic. They are not. "Steady" means the only way to make efficient change happen is to go slow, figure out steps and persevere. A sound and flexible plan, committed efforts in the execution will assure that the learning curve is accounted for and thrives toward sustainable good habits.

We advise. We give perspective. We offer solutions. We demand decisions.

  • We always start with the top management.

  • We take the time to understand their leadership style.

  • We structure the actions they are willing to take.

  • We push to improve the culture and efficiency of the company.

Then, when we have identified the needs, we launch the execution. We ensure that the teams will be autonomous, able to implement the change and aware of converting the day-to-day into continuous improvement.



Team management support

Team management support goes with change management. As soon as the first global decisions are made, we frame them facilitate their adaptation to the reality of the company, its entrepreneurial and corporate culture.

We make sure that long-term vision is infused in short-term objectives and daily tasks.

  • For the top and middle management: we make sure the company information is centralised, accurate and communicated to the teams that need it.

  • For the teams: we empower them to take responsibilities for the company, act on their expertise and give it their very best.



Quarterly visit with online support

We do not linger nor do we rush.

We are not entirely part of the team, we are trustworthy outsiders coming for short periods of time, on a regular basis.

We dive in as follows:

  1. Opening: 2 to 5 days establishment with all key members, start and finish with the general manager

  2. Follow-up: punctual intervention every few months with optional online support

  3. Farewell: a simple email puts a hold to the relationship.




Project Management

We bear the responsibility of a specific project.

  • We ensure proper structure with appropriate tools and data.

  • We push strategies towards execution.

  • We step in to enforce the pace.

  • We gather and empower teams.

Boost Goose



Brand ambassadorship

We join teams and give them a boost in their business development efforts:

  • visiting clients/high valued prospects

  • studying the entry of new markets

  • promoting the company in trade shows, conferences and other events.



Project-based short-term missions

We take a hands-on approach.

We go in within the team and make things happen.

We dive in as follows:

  1. Definition: identification and specification of the project/mission

  2. Preparation: planification and team validation

  3. Execution: implementation of the plan, team management and support

  4. Closing: result analysis and recommendations.

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