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Whether we are needed for business development and/or management, we always make sure that each step needed to efficiently put a product on the market has been checked and acted upon.

Trusting the quality of the product (or service) to the production team and feeding the field information back to them, we continuously work on optimising these 4 stages :

  • Identity

Along with the management team, we ensure the project is well define, with a clear vision and positioning.

We also make sure the branding strategy and editorial line are documented for the team.

The identity emphasize the goal and objectives needed to put a strong strategy in place.

  • Strategy

Using the goal and objectives, we help the team plan all the needed actions predicted to steadily reach the objectives and come closer to the common goal.

  • Execution

We help execute the plan within the sales and marketing department while making sure the product/service has a strong market fit.

  • Expansion

New products and/or markets, rinse & repeat stages 1 to 3.

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