Field consultants

Marketrotters is a field consulting company. We go in, shake this up, give perspective and get out.

We act as a support service to companies willing to grow and use outside expertise to keep the routine in check.

When we first come in, we review the company core to help gain efficiency:

1/ Appreciate the client’s mission.

2/ Understand the client’s product.

3/ Absorb and communicate the client’s culture.

Then are able to:

4/ Open minds, communication and markets to support the client's growth.

5/ Follow up with the team to facilitate deals.

We don't stay too long, our goal is to keep a perspective.

Our format :

We come in 3 to 5 days every quarter and follow up remotely when needed.

A multidisciplinary team of experts

We work as a team of experts coming together from different industries in service of a company. Each of us helps the company to the best of their abilities in a structured and collaborative way.

Depending on the needs of a company, relevant experts are called to the deck to work with management (and the lead expert of course) making sure the company gets a well coordinated support from the multidisciplinary team.

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