International Business Development

Marketrotters acts as a support service to companies willing to grow and use outside expertise to keep the routine in check.

We often start our missions with a Diagnostic to validate priorities and make sure we and our client are set up to succeed.

Once the priorities are confirmed by the clients, we will proceed in 5 steps:

  1. Appreciate the client’s mission.

  2. Understand the client’s product.

  3. Absorb and communicate the client’s culture.

Then are we able to:

  1. Open windows, doors and countries to support the client's growth.

  2. Follow up with the team to facilitate deals.

Those steps are taken in order. If a client has challenges with any step of the TOP 3, we activate a multidisciplinary team of experts and take care of the structure first, making sure the client is ready and set for international development.

Our preferred partner, Ingelog Group, provides a coordinated, multidisciplinary and pragmatic methodology. We work with them as a team and bring in our management and strategic expertise, with a sales & marketing focus.


A company is complex. There are many layers and connections between people and their responsibilities. A sales issue is sometimes directly dependant on a missing information or resource that depends on another department.

By using a holistic methodology, we follow the processes and ensure that we are addressing the most pressing and urgent issues instead of applying a short term bandaid to a recurring problem.

The diagnostic provides a good view of the priorities needing immediate attention to have a sound and sustainable structure in which we can thus participate.

The methodology consists of 6 major themes and

42 modules structuring tools and documents.

A - Administration & Management Control

S - Strategies

M - Management & Human Resources

C - Commerce & Marketing

P - Production & Supply Chain

Q - Quality & Methods

Methodology ASMCPQ : 2022 ©

A multidisciplinary team of experts

With Ingelog Group, we work as a team of experts coming together from different industries in service of a company. By maintaining a practical methodology, Ingelog allows each of us to help the company to the best of our abilities in a structured and collaborative way.

Depending on the needs of a company, relevant experts are called to the deck to work with management (and the lead expert of course) making sure the company gets a well coordinated support from the multidisciplinary team.

The main expertise of Marketrotters is in S - Strategies and C -Commerce & Marketing with supporting skills in A - Administration & Management Control and M - Management & Human Resources

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