They say wild geese fly in V formation to enhance lift and reduce drag. Flying together burns less energy than going alone. We believe the same goes for people: a team that gets strong with individuals who trust each other will always go further. 

How do we help companies transform people into teams? With energy and empowerment for the employees, structure and transparency for the management. 

Our energy is lively and fiery, like our logo. 



Our species is far from having finished evolving. For us, a look at past evolution and the wisdom to accept it allow to better step back and to embrace reality in a holistic, interconnected, and interdependent way. A business should never have the purpose of making money. Its purpose should always be fostering evolution, using money to do so. At Marketrotters, we help our clients move in this direction and strengthen their vision to include social, cultural and environmental objectives.

Our goal is to break down silos and help connect departments, industries and cultures. We travel, we work in various sectors and markets, and we adapt and share the good that we have learned. Diversity and innovation are part of our objectives, making the whole world a gold mine to facilitate human interactions. The more we open ourselves to novelty and change, the better we apprehend our own universe. 

Our approach emphasizes personal and collective evolution, social and environmental awareness, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration. We seek to develop businesses and companies that promote positive change and recognize the importance of open-mindedness and questioning to achieve these goals.


It's all about human beings. At Marketrotters, we value our freedom of action and choice. We are strong personalities and like to open up to the world. Our freedom infuses companies and we do everything we can to bring a breath of fresh air and possibilities during our visits to our customers.

By emphasizing the freedom of action and choice of humans, Marketrotters seek to bring a new perspective to business. Our work formats reinforce this desire and bring a new dynamic to companies. We regularly induce a touch of change by our simple presence and we encourage openness to cultural diversity.

Our goal: collaboration and mutual empowerment by working together to create opportunity and positive change in our fast-moving world.

That is what we believe in and bring with us to any company we work with.



Maïté Grisard, Marketrotter & Founder

Aka May - The Energy Ball

Graduated with honors from HEC business school of the University of Liège, Belgium (2007), I then worked in Logistics, e-Commerce, IT and Pro Audio. After 5 years of being an employee, I decided to become a freelancer in sales & marketing. I started in Canada where I worked with startups in Montreal and Ottawa then came back to Belgium a year later. I entered the healthcare sector and worked on a mobile application made to facilitate collaborative health records. Two years later, I started testing my work concept of Marketrotters and officially created the company on March 1st 2018. 

I worked in various sectors including Finance, Electronics, Non-Profit, IT, eLearning, Housing Services, Jewelery, and more. My skills are in people empowerment, regardless of the industry. I think innovation and team work can be found in any industry as long as people are respected and given responsibilities (and the means to get things done). 

I live in the future. I have a strong sense of integrity. 

Personality tests are a good way to understand oneself and others, not to put them in boxes, but to open our mind and view to other angles and possibilities:


Virginie Chantry, Marketrotter & Co-Founder

Aka Gi - The Multifaceted Star

PhD in Space Science from the University of Liège, Belgium (December 2009), I worked for several years as a researcher in Astrophysics. I then decided to leave the academic world, feeling the need to discover other universes. This allowed me to gain experience in many professional sectors.

Skilled in Science Outreach, Copywriting, Event Planning, Cooking and Languages (English, Italian, Spanish & French), I am also a big fan of movies, music and WIX websites. Very fond of good food, stars and space in general, I am always in search for magic and adventure. I also love to travel and I have a huge crush on Québec, New Zealand and Chile, 3 countries I had the chance to experience during mid-term stays.

Marketrotter at heart, thanks to my heterogeneous background and my taste for travel, I adapt to any kind of situation and professional environment, from cinema to science, food, IT, legal and retail to name only a few.

I learn quickly, I am creative, resourceful, demanding, methodical and I have an eye for detail. I like things to be done well. I value thoughtful and honest decisions as well as benevolence in any situation, whether personal or professional. I am attentive and empathetic.

Brand creator of Stardust Digital, I like to use my writing talents in a pragmatic way by offering copywriting and website creation thanks to the Wix platform, as well as corporate event planning.


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