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Marketrotters - Value : Evolution

🎯🎯 One of our two core values at Marketrotters is "Evolution".

🐢🐢 Our species is far from having finished evolving. For us, a look at past evolution and the wisdom to accept it allow to better step back and to embrace reality in a holistic, interconnected, and interdependent way. A business should never have the purpose of making money. Its purpose should always be fostering evolution, using money to do so. At Marketrotters, we help our clients move in this direction and strengthen their vision to include social, cultural and environmental objectives.

🌍🌍 Our goal is to break down silos and help connect departments, industries and cultures. We travel, we work in various sectors and markets, and we adapt and share the good that we have learned. Diversity and innovation are part of our objectives, making the whole world a gold mine to facilitate human interactions. The more we open ourselves to novelty and change, the better we apprehend our own universe. 

➕➕ Our approach emphasizes personal and collective evolution, social and environmental awareness, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration. We seek to develop businesses and companies that promote positive change and recognize the importance of open-mindedness and questioning to achieve these goals.

#evolution #innovation #collaboration #businessnotasusual

Company culture - Self control

We can only have control over ourselves, not others. While we may have some influence on other people's behaviour, ultimately, their choices and actions are up to them.

Attempting to control others often comes from a place of insecurity and a lack of trust in oneself and others. It can also be a sign of wanting to avoid the discomfort of uncertainty and the possibility of things not going as planned. That insecurity can then lead to strained relationships, resentment, and ultimately, a lack of control over our own emotions and reactions.

Instead of trying to control others, it's more productive to focus on controlling our own thoughts, emotions, reactions and actions. This involves being aware of our own triggers and reactions and developing healthy coping mechanisms to manage them.

Ultimately, focusing on self-control leads to a more fulfilling and satisfying life, as we learn to accept uncertainty and develop a sense of inner calm in the face of challenging situations.

#control #selfcontrol #teams #companyculture

Quote - Neil Strauss

We all love our comfort zone. But you know what ? If you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you might find out that you comfort zone is actually not that comfortable...

If you give yourself the chance to explore new horizons, outside of that so-called comfy area, you might be surprised how much you can learn and how much courage and adaptability you actually have in you! And, on the way, you might even find some truthful moments of pure joy and contentment.

This is true in many fields of life : your job, your company, your hobbies, to name only a few.

Because at Marketrotters we dare to take chances, here is our tip : take a deep breath and take that first step outside of your comfy area.

#comfortzones #biggerpicture 



Economy - Artificial survival and climate change (FR)

Notre économie met 98% de la population en survie artificielle, à intensité variable, ce qui conduit à des décisions orientées vers l'individualisme, plutôt que de prendre en compte le bien collectif et nous permettre d’agir ensemble. 

Nous sommes paralysés ; paralysés par la violence et la peur qu’on nous décrit chaque jour, paralysés par la complexité et l’immensité de la tâche, et, surtout, paralysés par l’impératif financier qui nous force à obtenir de l’argent pour survivre dans notre société. 

Le désastre climatique n'est-t-il pas le résultat du contexte social dans lequel nous vivons ? Des biais cognitifs peuvent conduire les gens à prendre des décisions qui ne sont pas toujours rationnelles ou optimales ni pour eux-mêmes, ni pour la société dans son ensemble. On le sait. On l’observe (plus besoin d’être scientifique à ce stade). On le vit. Alors, plutôt que de blâmer incessamment les individus pour leur comportement, encourageons la prise de risques et l’essai/erreur pour faciliter un changement de culture. 

La vérité se trouve souvent au milieu de deux extrêmes, notre cerveau aime les raccourcis, chez les Marketrotters, il dit ceci : pour aller vite, il faut aller doucement. 

#économie #changement #futur

Quote - Aristotle

If you are not ready to do as you say, don't expect anything different from your employees... Your actions are the one true example the company follows. 


Supplier - Moo cards

Founded and headquartered in London, MOO has been around for a while now (2006) providing great designs to professionals and networkers and upscaling the print industry. But that’s not all they do. Their ambition goes beyond pretty and well towards sustainability. 

They’ve managed to be ahead of the curve while keeping their designs beautiful & meaningful. They think outside of their paper box. They think circular.

So, instead of moving away from business cards, the Marketrotters now use the great work of Moo as a conversational launcher into circularity. How? With their cotton business cards: 100% tree-free. 100% recyclable. Made from cotton linters. The process requires no bleaching.

We believe that change will come from the communities. We have to connect with people and speak up. These cards help us do that.

MOO, the Marketrotters thank you. 

Discover Moo's website.

#change #circular #design #community

Environment - The 3Ps : Planet, Planet, Planet

Our 3Ps: Planet. Planet! Planet!!!

In circular economy, we talk about the 3Ps: People, Planet & Profit.  

The truth for us is that there is only 1 P. For PLANET. 

People are the protagonists. 

And profit is the antagonist.

Just like we say in business: the focus must be to take care of the employees so they’ll take care of the business. We HAVE TO take care of the planet and she will take care of us. If we keep attacking, she will shake us off, and she’ll take every other life down with us. Whatever it takes to stop the monsters.  

So what do we do? How do we change that disastrous course? How do we transition from monsters to protagonists? 

The "3Rs" of waste management (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) are widely recognized as important principles for reducing the environmental impact of human activities:

The 3Rs are indeed big ones, but, from an individual standpoint, 2 other R are as big if not bigger: 

Refuse is all about saying no to things that are not necessary or that are harmful to the environment:

- Refusing to buy products with excessive packaging, 

- Refusing to use single-use plastics, 

- Refusing to consume products that are harmful to the environment 

- Refusing to buy products that exploit people.

- Refusing to buy products that exploit other species.

- Refusing to participate in harmful or wasteful practices. 

And then, there is the R that truly accelerates change: 

⇒ Ask questions! 

What is it? What’s the use? What’s in it? Where does it come from? Is it local? Is it fairtrade? Is it cruelty free? Who bought that company? Who’s behind that association? How does it work? Who knows if not you? Where can I find more information? 

The madness needs to stop. And it’s up to us. All of us. Any of us. No effort is too small, none is wasted, they are all urgent. Keep calm and act now. 

Pick an R, use it, then pick another! 

For the only P, the planet. 

Which Rs do you use?

#Rs #Ps #Reduce #Reuse #Recycle #Refuse #Request

Quote - Michelle Obama

Also true for businesses. A company's primary goal is to be useful to society, not to make money. You provide value, you get money. 


Technology - AI

Our technological advances have been making us leap forward despite a truly uncomfortable transition for the population. If the printing press democratized knowledge and mostly challenged the rich, electricity, the combustion engine and computers did cause a big stir before being adopted and accessible to all.  

Today, Artificial Intelligence is at our doorstep. And the industry is asked to slow down development. They are asked to slow down AI ​not to destroy society...

Not to destroy society… Our society? Our destructive society? Our society, which economy puts the population in a state of artificial survival? Our disconnected, disillusioned and dehumanized society? Our society that chooses excessive, unimaginable, industrialized cruelty over the universal comfort it can afford?

Why on our bullied earth should we protect it?! Let's stop it! Yes, destroy it! Revolution! Evolution! AI ​​is here, whether we like it or not. So let's use our collective intelligence and our new technologies to stop the slaughter! Intensive cruelty must no longer be the norm! Humans are not machines, other species are not objects. AI can help us get out of our artificial prison. Let’s stop the complacency of being tyrannized over!

How could we leverage AI to stop the madness? 

Couldn't we rethink what doesn’t work? Money for example? 

If a database is capable of recording everyone's contributing actions and valuing them, why keep a fictitious trust intermediary? Why not go back to IOUs, but digital? Or barter, but recorded? Or efforts, but centralized? AI may help us get there.

The status quo must be challenged.  

We have to get out of the box, dream, imagine and dare.

Reflection related to the following post by TechCrunch.

#economy #climatechange #money #AI #future

Conference - Summit of the entrepreneurs in Liège (FR)

Article de notre Marketrotter Maite suite au sommet des entrepreneurs à l’Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège : une belle et importante initiative du VentureLab Belgium qui nous rappelle l’importance non-négociable du travail en équipe et de la contribution de chacun avec ses moyens. 

Soutenu par des acteurs de la région : Wing by Digital Wallonia, VEDIA, Orange, djm digital , BNP Paribas FortisUCM, iol Strategic Design, IMPULSE Now, CCI LVN (Liège-Verviers-Namur), La Grand Poste, Accent Languages, Joly, The Faktory Fund, TrustUp | We are hiring, Linden Group, Parallaxe Cabinet d'Avocats, Triangle Talent - Solutions RH, Group S  

#conférence #Venturelab #IA #futur #striatum#bienfaiteurs

Quote - Maya Angelou

Do not give up. There is always a solution and we can help you find it.

Contact us and follow our page Marketrotters


Team - Teal around the world with our Marketrotter Maïté

Teal Around The World is upon us! 

Our Marketrotter Maite will be hosting a workshop to (re)discover the Teal Method in a non-linear manner and find means to help companies thrive in a meaningful way. 

Only 6 spots left! Get your ticket soon. 

#management #change #event

Certification - Internationalization (FR)


Marketrotters fait partie des prestataires chèques-entreprises pour la thématique de l'internationalisation.  

Cette aide permet aux entreprises wallonnes de réduire les coûts de déploiement de nos services en gestion de projets à l'international.

Le Chèque-Booster :

Le Chèque-Consultance Export :

#export #terrain #international #bizdev 

Merci à l'#AWEX et ses attachés, dont Hubert SIEMES Ines Jurisic Patrick Heinrichs Baudouin de Hemptinne Pascale Delcomminette Philippe Lachapelle Arnaud Delplanche Guy Vanpaesschen Denis Lahaye Jean-Pierre Chisogne Edith Mayeux

Economy - Circular roadmap in Chile

Chile’s circular economy roadmap is ambitious and truly thought to not just work on the production and transport, but also on the industrial system and how we interact with the earth and the living. As they describe it in the introduction of the study: « initiatives tend to be cross-cutting, rather than centring on specific economic sectors such as mining and transport. »

They included Regeneration as an important part of the process. 

Here are their 7 goals for 2040:

The full study is available on the website of Ellen MacArthur Foundation

#circular #regenerate #initiatives #roadmap

Environment - Circular agronomics

Circular agronomics is doing a great work building on the organic farming efforts. But, as I listen to their use cases, I see a pattern: 

When we discuss global warming, first reaction/adoption factor is money

When we discuss circular strategies, first reaction/adoption factor is money

When we discuss sustainability strategies, first reaction/adoption factor is money

When are we discussing money?  

#circular #sustainable #wickedproblems

Wishes - 2023 is on

Wishing you all a very happy new year! 

After looking back on 2022, we are now ready to start a new ambitious year. 

💡💡💡 And the best way to keep new year resolutions is not to bear them alone! 🙈 🙉 🙊 

So, to paraphrase famous lyrics:

👻 🎶

If there is something strenuous

In your office hood, 

Who you gonna call? 


🎶 🌎 

Happy New Year Everyone 😃 

#2023 #resolution #team #marketrotters

Testimony - MMH (FR)

🐝🐝 Miel Maya Honing asbl. Peut-être en avez-vous déjà entendu parler si le monde des ONG belges n’a pas de secret pour vous ? Ou si vous êtes liégeois et amateur de bon miel ? 

🔆🔆 Mais peut-être aussi ignorez-vous tout de cette ASBL créée en 1975, que l’on nomme souvent MMH pour faire plus court. Il s’agit de l’une des plus petites ONG de Belgique. Ses bureaux sont situés à Liège, dans le quartier de Sainte-Walburge. Cette petite structure compte 5 employés à temps partiel et quelques dizaines de bénévoles. 

🍯🍯 Elle est active dans la coopération au développement et ce, vous l’aurez compris, dans le domaine du miel.

👉👉 Avec l'intervention de Guy Massart, coordinateur de MMH.

#abeilles #MMH #ONG #story 

Wishes - End of 2022

🎄🎄 We thank you for the time spent together and wish you all the best for 2023. We'll be looking forward to seeing you again and promise to support you, using our well-known positive energy, in developing your activity.

🎆🎆 Your Marketrotters, Maite & Virginie

#winteriscoming #endof2022 #wishes

Quote - Personal life

Games and companies are not that different…

Yes, we want the world to be a better place. A place where contributions are valued and people are striving for happiness.

Finding ways to rethink our society as a community of people is paramount. Collaborative tools are a true step in the right direction. We use those tools to help people open themselves to new ideas and find creativity with communication and positive intent. 

Marketrotters live in the future. We are always looking for what could be. To do better, we need actions. Small and steady ones. Pragmatic ones. 

We don't help manage people, we help people manage their time, persevere and take actions. That's what change management truly means to us. If you hope to make the world a better place, starting with yourselves and your company, we would love to be a part of the effort.

We are always open for a first discussion. No engagement. 

#quote #games #life #change #business #work #goals

Certification - Growth and development

📣 📣 NEWS. En région Wallone, Marketrotters est certifié chèques-entreprises en accompagnement, croissance et développement. 

Les entreprises wallonnes peuvent bénéficier d'une aide allant jusqu'à 50% du montant total des missions.

Ces chèques s'adressent aux entreprises, starters et porteurs de projets.

Contactez-nous pour une première discussion sans engagement. 

#ChèquesEntreprises #Wallonie #Croissance #Développement #entreprise

Conference - Health #2

Day 2 at the Prevention Days by hub.brussels & lifetech.brussels  

We discussed solutions, ecosystems, patients, consumers and customers. Let’s add another highly important actor to the pool, especially when focusing on primary care, INFLUENCERS. 

First big influencing industry when we think about self-care is of course education: families, schools, training, etc. The second one that immediately comes into our Marketrotters’ minds is the entertainment industry. 

Entertainment is a big influencer on people behaviours. Mentors/teachers are great game changers, so are influencers. While we see a lot of product placement in the entertainment industry, now is the time to also push health prevention placements into the various contents available to us. 

Which influencing entertainment channel would you first use as a prevention placement for a bigger impact on health and prevention? 

#healthcare #influencers #selfcare #education #entertainement

Conference - Health #1

In Brussels today, at the Prevention days, lifetech.brussels by hub.brussels organised a beautifully multi-lingual event (NL-EN-FR) focused on healthcare and the different stages of prevention.

We learn there are three types of health prevention:

Offering use cases and existing solutions, we see that the number of initiatives decrease as we count down from tertiary to primary. The complexity, the difficulty, the roadblocks make those projects very slow to reach the public.

Most of that complexity comes from industry and political dogmas.

When we think about those dogmas and link them to the primary prevention blocks, it seems to be pointing out, with brutal accuracy, many of the deviances of our society such as: poisonous food industry, rentability focused “healthcare”, social isolation or artificial survival.

When all those prevention initiatives, allied to state-of-the-art technologies, bring real opportunities of life improvement for people, it is sad to observe that many of them might not be mainstream for years.

This is yet another indicator of an inefficient society clinging on a democratic utopia that is moving farther from reality with every new innovation blocked for economical reasons.

How do we improve healthcare and navigate in a discriminating economy?

We organise. We build communities. We persevere.

Money doesn’t exist. People do.

First step is to talk loud.

Say it with us:


Tell us about your initiatives, your hopes, your ideas and your vision for a better future!

IMAGES Credits. Slides from their presentation:

Thank you Aline Scohy, Sciensano & Prof. Dr. Koen Kas

#healthcare #influencers #selfcare #education #entertainement

Quote - Personal life

🤔 Do you agree with this quote?

📌 At Marketrotters, we do believe that a meaningful life is one of the keys to fulfilment. If you do something that doesn't make sense to you, maybe because you don't know why you do it or because you're not in line with how you have to do it, it's going to be a lot harder to thrive and the obstacles along the way will be a lot more difficult to overcome.

📌 It's true in many aspects of life, and especially when it comes to work. That is actually why we created Marketrotters in the first place. To bring more meaning to our lives. For instance through values that are essential to us and that we choose to defend on a daily basis: transparency, open-mindedness and flexibility, to cite only a few.

✅ So clearly, at Marketrotters, we agree with that quote.

#meaningfullife #meaningfulwork #transparency #openmindedness #flexibility

Technology -Cryptocurrency #2 (FR)

💻💻 Suite de l'article sur les cryptodevises par notre Marketrotter & Co-founder, Virginie Chantry : "Crypto-monnaies: décodage (2e partie)"

📈📈 Au programme : back to basics ⏩ preuve d'enjeu, preuve de capacité, altcoins, tokens, stablecoins... 

🎤🎤 Avec l'interview éclairée de Leila Rebbouh, physicienne passionnée par le sujet

📣📣 "Le minage constitue un moyen d’entrer en possession de BTC, à condition d’être un nœud du réseau et d’avoir la puissance nécessaire à la résolution du calcul pour trouver la clé. La «preuve de travail» couplée au principe, utile en cas de conflit, selon lequel la chaîne de blocs la plus longue est considérée comme valide, constitue ce que l’on appelle un «mécanisme de consensus» qui permet aux nœuds honnêtes de se mettre d’accord sur les transactions à valider et sur le montant des portefeuilles numériques de chacun, c’est-à-dire sur le contenu de la blockchain. Dans ce cas-ci, on parle de «l’algorithme de consensus de Nakamoto par preuve de travail». Mais il existe d’autres mécanismes de consensus permettant de gagner des cryptomonnaies différentes du Bitcoin et de sécuriser une blockchain."

#web3 #blockchain #cryptomonnaie #altcoins #tokens #stablecoins #interview

Technology - Cryptocurrency #1 (FR)

✅ ✅ Dans le magazine Athena, notre Marketrotter & Co-Founder Virginie Chantry aborde le thème du #web3 avec "Les cryptomonnaies décryptées (1e partie)"

⛓⛓ Au programme : back to basics ⏩ bitcoins, finance décentralisée, blockchain, minage, preuve de travail, hachage cryptographique...

📢📢 "Quand on parle de cryptomonnaies, le premier exemple, et parfois le seul, qui vient à l’esprit est le «Bitcoin» ou BTC, contraction des mots anglais «bit» ou «unité de mesure binaire» et «coin» ou «pièce de monnaie». En 2008, une crise financière venait de passer par là et la foi en notre système bancaire s’était quelque peu étiolée. D’où la création, par une ou plusieurs personnes se cachant sous le pseudonyme de Satoshi Nakamoto, de cette devise numérique qui a ensuite ouvert la voie à de nombreuses autres cryptomonnaies (même si elle n’est pas la première à avoir vu le jour) et a mis en avant la technologie sécurisée de la «blockchain». Rassurez-vous, nous y reviendrons ci-après. Et ce qu’il faut encore savoir, c’est que le code sous-jacent au bitcoin est en «open source», c’est-à-dire disponible pour tous. Il a d’ailleurs été publié dans un livre blanc. Au-delà du Bitcoin, il existe plusieurs milliers de cryptomonnaies différentes, que l’on désigne aussi sous les termes de cryptodevises, cryptoactifs ou simplement jetons."

#blockchain #bitcoin #cryptomonnaie #technologie

Conference - Energy

As the EU parliment and commission realize we are in a dire energitical situation, isn’t it time to relinquish control and accept to go outside of the box? Rules are only good when they do not endanger the future, the job of any government should be to organise people to the best of their abilities, and rules and regulations are just like things: all we need is less.

A real solution is to give people the means to make a real impact by promoting decentralised community micro grids. Not only could they help solve short term issues, they would be empowering communities while giving time to the industry to catch up to the growing demand of new tech like industry 4.0. 

Such a unbalance between offer and demand can’t be solved with market shares only, sometimes giving in allows the whole sector to breathe and grow swiftly. 

#TrustPeople #EmpowerPeople #ResponsibleCommunities #5G #energyshortage #decentralisation #microgrids 

Team - Maïté

🌟🌟 Recently, Maite Grisard aka May, my business partner since the end of 2016, and my friend since forever, has been interviewed in a 6 Star Businesspodcast by Aveline Clarke with Koray Serbest

🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️ Aveline rightfully called it "Challenging the Status Quo with Love" 💖

💡💡 Here are a few things I picked up from it and wanted to share with you.

#podcast #6starbusiness #marketrotter #energyball #worldchangers #optimism

Conference - Circular Design in Plastics (FR)

Conférence sur la plasturgie circulaire à UCM de Namur, Belgique. 

Aurore Richel nous délivre une explication des différents types de carbone et comment penser la fabrication de matériaux en réfléchissant au cycle de vie du carbone et à sa capacité à être réutilisé. 


#carbone #plastique #EconomieCirculaire

Conference - Aviation

At #ILA22 in Berlin, it’s all about sustainability, zero emission aviation and lowering climate impact.


1 common goal, hydrogen planes in the sky by 2035.

Optimistic? Realistic? Pessimistic? 

Good news is, everyone seems to be showing up on deck to make it happen. 

#sustainability #aviation #hydrogen #innovation

Reading - Performance (FR)

Reflexion sur la performance et deux livres que je recommande. 

La performance est un travail de tous les jours qui demande une remise en question régulière, des piqures de rappel (insérez mon intervention ici) et une persévérance obstinée qui parviendra enfin à transformer l'effort en bonnes habitudes.

#gestion #entreprise #performance #autogouvernance

Marketrotters - Values

Freedom can mean different things at different times: horseback riding on the beach, sailing with water as only horizon, standing above the Grand Canyon, or being about to land in a vast new part of the globe. Or it can be an inner feeling, an action of integrity and self coherence that brings a deeper sense to the word: following a dream, not compromising life for security or doing things our own way.

A freedom to live fully and in coherence with oneself. Mixing business and pleasure, raising the creativity bar in an efficient way, not giving up to fear nor mistaking recklessness with bravery. With a good strategy, a strong vision will lead the way.


Marketrotters - Polymorph consulting

Earlier this year, Steven Declercq started a podcast called : The Jungle Out There 

His endeavor is a curiosity experiment, his way of connecting people and ideas and learning the art of conversation. 

For him, a podcast is a great space to discuss with interesting people and learn about new perspectives. 

Here is the discussion Steven and Maite had about Polymorph Consulting.


#consulting #management #team #energy #culture 

Company - Data

How Data Can Help You Build a Better Company and Workplace

A new podcast with a Marketrotter is out! 

Make sure to have a listen and follow Business Habitat with Sam Dean PODCAST:

"Maite addresses the value she finds in collaborative tools, and how beginning with the simplest systems is often the most effective way to bring people together and build towards more complicated processes. Together Maite and Sam challenge the listener to be vulnerable and acknowledge the learning opportunity that comes from making mistakes, and understand that doing something is always better than doing nothing, even if it leads to a course correction.

This in-depth conversation is filled with practical insights and commentary on how to best use data and workplace tools in an effective and meaningful way. Challenging traditional metrics such as KPIs, this episode will have you seeking fresh perspective and collaborative input, no matter where you sit in the company structure."

#data #team #procedures #kpi #business #learning #people #podcast

Society - Status quo

From 6 Star Business LinkedIn Page :

"She brought us optimism, energy, and a new way of looking at ‘problems’ - and a whole lot more! 

Hear from our latest podcast episode guest Maite Grisard as she shares about what optimistic visions look like, the magic of connection and teams, we’re all good at different things, and more!"

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