All our missions start on-site.

This approach allows us to closely engage with teams, obtain and provide valuable insights, and drive impactful improvements within the organization.

That offers numerous benefits, including observation of key indicators, proactive issue identification, contextual understanding, enhanced communication, collaboration, and tailored solutions. 


2 to 6 consecutive days

Through our operational audit, we analyze various aspects of the operations within the company, such as financial management, internal controls, resource allocation, and performance measurement. We check how well the organization is meeting its objectives, identify areas of improvement, and provide recommendations for enhancing operational effectiveness and efficiency.

At the end of the operational audit, we provide a comprehensive report that outlines our findings, recommendations, and potential action plans to improve overall performance.


1 to 4 non-consecutive weeks

An intensive mission involves more comprehensive actions within an organization. It usually spans over a longer period, ranging from 1 to 4 non-cumulative weeks. Intensive missions may be conducted in various situations : complex processes need to be implemented, bottlenecks are encountered in operations, or in-depth analysis is necessary in specific areas.

We come on-site and dedicate a significant amount of time to data collection, interviews, and analysis. We review documentation, policies, and procedures to gain a comprehensive understanding of the operational functioning of the company. We gather with the teams to draft new plans and processes then help them execute the first steps and actions to make sure they can autonomously continue the work.  


1 to 6 non-consecutive months

When companies are in need of a more hands-on structuring support, we take on a specific project to help teams bring the company to the next level. We define the objectives of the project, the scope, and the needed deliverables with the management. We identify key stakeholders, establish project teams, and define the overall feasibility and viability of the project. After conducting initial assessments and developing a strategy, we execute the action plan and adjust the strategy when necessary. We take a hands-on approach.

We go in within the team and make things happen as follows:

We keep management in the loop with recurring reports and gather them for a post-project evaluation.


International events and operations

As we travel a lot, we offer our clients to represent their company, engage with potential partners, prospects and clients, create positive brand experiences and anlyze potential new markets. By embodying the values of the brand, communicating its message, and building relationships, we contribute to brand awareness, customer loyalty, and business growth.

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